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Hooptap is your

We help you to engage your audience and your advertisers

Game mechanics

Users interact with your content and perform actions by means of more than 40 different game mechanics.


They collect points that give them access to your rewards, badges and prizes.


Your audience is engaged 24x7! They are motivated, incentivated and rewarded.

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Canal 13
With the use of Hooptap and the second screen phenomenon, Canal 13 encourages the participation of its audience, involving it and retaining it.

The biggest Russian mobile operator is using Hooptap to promote several products and make clients consume them while they play and participate in a big contest.

The children's TV station from RTVE is boosting its users engagement with games and promotions in their new APP by Hooptap, retaining its audience during summer.

Thousands of users are playing right now!
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